Top 10 Benefits

Why grow a forest garden of nuts, fruits, herbs, and mushrooms:

  1. Enjoy nutrient-dense food that is beyond organic
  2. Create a beautiful, bountiful landscape that feeds your body and spirit
  3. Succession planting breaks the continual labour of plowing, planting, nutrient inputs, and irrigation of domesticated annual vegetables
  4. Sun or shade, dry bluff or seasonal swamp, grow what naturally thrives
  5. Provides multiple harvests, is self-maintaining, and buffers against weather extremes
  6. The satisfaction knowing each year is easier and more abundant
  7. Increase your land value
  8. Regenerate our soil and ecosystem's services
  9. Food and income security in an uncertain climate
  10. Invest in an inspirational legacy for future generations

Maybe that sounds like your paradise... pure, healthy, forever fruitful, self-renewing, and thrives naturally in your landscape.

EDEN is the harmony of drawing upon the wisdom of wild nature with the efficient design of human-scale agriculture:

  wild EDEN manicured
ecosystem late-succession mature forests orchard, berry patch, herb garden, and mushroom patch all in one
lawn, annual row crops, ornamentals in early succession perpetuity
typical crops some wild foods abundant and diverse perennial harvests of gourmet nuts, fruits, herbs, mushrooms abundant annual vegetables if at all
needs minimal naturally adapted to your landscape, requires timely attention
high disturbance environment to maintain: full sun, consistent moisture, heavy feeding, and constant attention, highly susceptible to weeds, infestations, soil erosion, and nutrient leaching
productivity low and slow to produce but nutrient-dense, high ecological productivity slow but increasingly higher and more nutrient-dense high and fast
design complex by nature complex by design simple

The verdict? Your own Eden is designed to provide the best of nature for your family.

As the Chinese proverb goes, "the best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The next best time is now."