What Makes a Great Design

Born, raised, and experienced in the Southern Ontario climate, Ivan Chan knows the local area and continues to track the weather patterns and the performance of his diverse projects. He knows which trees suffered the most in the 2012 blossom freeze, what the effects of the 2018 summer drought was, what works, where, and why. By knowing and reading our local landscape, we better understand how subtle observations such as microclimate, indicator plants, your lifestyle, and municipal regulations help inform us on how to best utilize your landscape.

ecological design reference booksOur commitment to ecological design (permaculture) saves you money, produces a variety of homegrown food, and provides ecological benefit. We help you get it right the first time and leave only nature to chance. Trust our years of experience to save you time, money, and the frustration of making mistakes that could otherwise take years to realize and correct.

4 elements to every great design:

  1. An inspiring goal
  2. Know your land - observe
  3. Integrate your plans with nature, your lifestyle, and the community
  4. Prepare a long-term enjoyment plan

Ivan Chan is also a practicing professional ecological engineer who has over 7 years experience as a professional water resources engineer to apply to your landscape. Our unique engineering-based approach to ecological gardening turns challenges into opportunities. EDEN in SEASON focuses on high-opportunity solutions that naturally complement your property and lifestyle, using minimal specialized equipment and materials.

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