Visit and Learn

Do you want to tour the Garden of Eating and get hands-on experience in permaculture? Find out how to apply these principles on your very land. Daytime workshops or in-depth work exchange/apprenticeship opportunities may be what you're looking for. Contact Us to find out more (dates may be flexible and subject to change).

Bonus: all participants are welcome to a guided farm tour.


House Build

After 5 years of establishing the orchard, my permanent residence is under construction.

This house is built using ICF (concrete core styrofoam block) which is a very durable and insulative material. Designed using passive solar principles and utilizing a central wood stove for supplemental heating and hot water pre-heating, it also features a walk-out basement, attached sunroom, and attached cold cellar.

  • winter 2020: interior
  • spring 2020: exterior wall stucco

A wide range of building tasks are available for those wanting to help depending on safety and skill level. Coincidently, berries are also abundantly available and you can pick to your heart's delight as a thank you for helping.


2020 Upcoming Workshops (some workshops are flexible in time and topic, so let us know your interests in advance so we can make it work. Costs to be confirmed based on numbers ~$15/2h workshop)

Friday July 24 1pm - 5pm Socially Distanced Plant Tasting Tour AT CAPACITY FOR 2020 Come on a plant tasting tour of two permaculture farms in Grey County growing unique crops: Fiddlehead Nursery, near Kimberley, and Eden In Season, near Meaford, for a taste of some of the best edible perennials you can grow in this area. Starts at Fiddlehead Nursery at 1pm, then proceeds to Eden in Season at 3pm. $30. Please RSVP, and also enquire about carpooling if you need a ride.

throughout the season We accommodate a number of guest stays and put on impromptu workshops over the year. Let us know in advance so we can include you.


Volunteer and Work Exchange

tent trampoline polyculture

We welcome interested folks who want to immerse themselves in living and breathing permaculture. We are listed on a number of work exchange directories that enable visitors a personal experience into various aspects of permaculture, while enjoying local food and accommodations in exchange for 4 hours of help on the farm.

Priorities for 2020 (besides home construction) include:

  • spring: pruning, inoculating mushroom logs, grafting
  • summer: harvesting yummy raspberries, blackberries, currants, weeding

As the Garden of Eating is in its infancy, we are outfitted with a trailer, rationed utilities, outdoor facilities, and tenting is always an option. We have well water and a nearby swim spot. Neighbouring ecological farms and accommodations at neighbours' homes are available for those who are interested in a greater diversity of gardening experiences and longer-term stays.

We do have great neighbours and it's only 5 minutes to Town when we do need a WiFi fix, showers, and socialize.

trailer pull-out couchtrailer dining trailer kitchentrailer bedroom trailer bathroom swim hole

Intern expectations and mutual exchange arrangements are flexible based on your experience and length of stay (typically 1-3weeks).

We are pleased to have the opportunity to show you around some of our area's highlights:

  • hiking, cycling, kayaking
  • Ted's Range Road Diner, known for its exotic meats and famous Wednesday music jam night
  • Owen Sound: year-round farmer's market, local music including Summerfolk
  • Meaford: farmer's market, local food projects

Still excited? Give us a shout!

Community Interdependence and Microenterprises

As we transition toward a diversified farm, our interdependence with the surrounding community grows.

We seek new ways of affirming trust, sharing our bounty, and developing a common interest in a philosophy and land base we are committed to.

We have the space and an established community presence. You may have time, skills, resources, or a complementary business beneficial to our mutual success. Possibilities include market gardening, livestock, construction, and perhaps even outside-the-farm thinking such as workshops, promotional, and distribution channels.