Create your EDEN

berry patchThe next stage to enjoying your dream of Eden's abundance is a carefully designed forest garden. And that’s exactly what EDEN in SEASON’s unique combination of technical expertise and ecological savvy offers.

Imagine an orchard setting. Imagine these trees climbing with vine fruit. Between the trees is a berry patch, and underneath them are herbs. Even shady patches are alive with mushrooms and rich soil. Finally, imagine that within each forest layer are all the varieties of foods you love, easy to harvest and care for throughout the season.

We treat nature as our ally to integrate food, water, energy, health, and convenience into your home and lifestyle. We can help you every step of the way, creating a reliable long-term source of pure, wholesome food for your family.

You can create an enjoyable edible landscape knowing your family's lifestyle, preferences, and goals.

You can create an abundant edible landscape knowing the lay of your land such as sun/shade, drainage, soil.

abundance + enjoyment = paradise!

A paradise is your dream, enduring and fulfilling to enact making sure that your own Eden brings you year after year of enjoyment and nutrition. EDEN in SEASON engages your input to customize for your preferences as well as your family’s evolving lifestyle and long-term goals.


conceptual plan

Where to start? Consider a Property Consult. Depending on your property size and plans, starting from $250, we can discuss your property dreams, and receive a summary report of high-priority items and planting strategies that will give you the most joy for your investment.

Outside of the South Georgian Bay Toronto corridor? No problem. Send us your observations, photos, and ideas, and let us do the rest.

In short, if you have land, EDEN in SEASON can help. There are unique solutions to every yard and lifestyle:

Sunny? Transform your Lawn to Food Forest

Shady? That stubborn shady area behind the house you don't know what to do with may be the perfect location to experience the thrill of growing a variety of gourmet mushrooms. You can grow your own mushrooms and other specialty products within your woodlot with products Made in the Shade

Small or large, too wet, ‘poor’ soil… we can help your family find the right varieties of succulent fruits and berries, hearty nuts, gourmet herbs, and mushrooms.

Here are some of our local landscapes where we are growing specialty fruit and nut tree saplings, incubating mushroom logs, and countless understorey species. Most of our Edens are located in the South Georgian Bay area (Owen Sound, Meaford, Beaver Valley, Collingwood) and along the South Georgian Bay to Toronto corridor: