Lawn to Food Forest

hugelkultur swale

Nature's natural remedy to a manicured lawn is to create a diverse three-dimensional layer of herbs, shrubs, and trees. After all, a forest is nature's most resilient ecosystem where we live. By working with nature to encourage desirable and edible perennials, our design harmonizes such things as size, form, shade, moisture, pH, compatibility, ease of maintenance, and more.

Conserve your soil and water by designing drainage improvements, keyline swale design, ponds, and erosion controls ensures your personalized design includes suggestions on how to retain valuable soil and direct your rainfall. Ivan has designed many drainage systems in his 7 years as a water resources engineer.

We have designed many landscapes, and want to make sure your garden is efficiently laid out, best species selected, and set up for easy maintenance.

Ivan has created a superb orchard for me and I have found him to be reliable, knowledgeable and very competent. I would highly recommend him to help you with edible landscaping design.

--Heather B