Property Consult

delineated drainage boundaries

If you have an existing property, whether it's an old homestead, backyard, or an undeveloped parcel, we can coach your ideas through to completion.

We have also seen too many folks attempt failed replications of an otherwise great idea (ourselves included!), or may have overlooked one critical factor that inhibited their project from success.

In-person property visits are recommended but not essential.

We outline a simple two-step process to help navigate your consult.

Step 1

To make sure you start off on the right foot, we recommend a property consult which starts as low as $250. We'll circulate a questionnaire and discuss your ideas and prioritize your concerns.

A summary report typically includes a review of:

  • available mapping
  • climate and topography
  • lifestyle considerations
  • socio-economic and legal considerations
  • overall placement
  • water systems
  • recommended edible plant species
  • soil preparation
  • planting
  • composting
  • other recommendations

Step 2

Each of these sections can be expanded upon to provide additional guidance on such things as: detailed planting plan, maintenance tips, stewardship and succession strategies, and project timeline and financial considerations.

We can also customize the consult to your property needs, and may include:

  • GPS mapping
  • level surveying
  • earthworks proposals and drainage designs
  • plant identification
  • interpreting key observations of your property
  • templates and maps for organizing your records
  • 3D animated Virtual Tour


Your ability to assess the yard is incredible and after speaking with may gardeners your the first person to determine the case of my wilting plants due to the neighbors walnut tree. WOW!  I'll have to move a few more plants around this spring to and hope to save the Hydrangea's. Please book us for your plants for our yard I'm very excited about your recommendations and finally getting more birds, bee's and maybe some butterflies coming around more often too!  Thank you for the tips and I will start working on a more successful garden!

--Monica Roe, Crooked Tree Fine Foods


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