Harvests by Season


Occasional Markets (inquire about dates)

Montgomery's Inn Farmers' Market (Etobicoke)

Sorauren Park Farmers' Market (Toronto)

Meaford Farmers' Market



Available by U-Pick or at farm gate by appointment:


  • frozen apple cider and berry blended cider $7
  • frozen berries: mulberry, Saskatoon berry, raspberry, sea buckthorn, black currant, red currant, gooseberry $3/snack bag
  • garlic ~$2-3/bulb
  • sun-dried shiitake mushroom $6.50/oz
  • heartnut (in-shell) $13/lb

Spring (April-May-June)

  • herbs: wild leek, Turkish rocket, sorrel, tarragon, thyme, winter savory, sage, mitsuba, hyssop, lovage, sweet cicely, Good King Henry, lemon balm, chive and green onion and garlic chive
  • rhubarb $5/bunch
  • asparagus $5/bunch
  • shiitake mushroom $20/lb

Summer (July-August)

  • herbs: anise hyssop, mints, garlic
  • fresh berries: currants and gooseberries, raspberry, mulberry, Saskatoon berry

Autumn (September-October)

  • fruit: pear, plum, apple, pawpaw
  • nuts: heartnut, chestnut, Persian walnut, others
  • raspberry, blackberry
  • shiitake mushroom $20/lb
  • herbs: chive and green onion and garlic chive

Winter (November-April)

  • bareroot plant stock
  • fresh shiitake mushroom on occasion
  • apples
  • dried fruit
  • ginkgo
  • perennial root vegetables: horseradish $7/lb, Jerusalem artichoke, skirret, cinnamon yam, Chinese artichoke, groundnut