Our Famous Mushroom Logs

November 2019 update: 2018 logs colonized slower due to the drier weather, so patience is needed as the logs may not begin to fruit until autumn. Shiitake logs are available; oyster logs are sold out. Contact us to order your logs.

holy shiitake miss happiness cold weather strainWhich part of your property is too shady to grow that delicious plant? EDEN in SEASON’s mushroom logs are a simple way to grow your own mushrooms.

If the only mushrooms you have ever eaten have come from the supermarket, you are in for a treat… gourmet log-grown mushrooms are much fuller in taste and texture than the store-quality shiitake and button mushroom varieties. A little butter and some garlic are all they need to WOW your senses.

Mushroom logs make a unique gift for the foodie in your life, and is fun and educational for children.

We guarantee a well cared for log will provide years of delicious, nutritious mushrooms. Better yet, you’ll get to experience the thrill of watching them grow, and of picking them yourself just moments before your meal. Each log includes an instruction guide with a "mushroom log log" to track your years of fun.

Our ready-to-fruit logs are priced by weight starting from $35. Larger mushroom logs and quantity orders translate to greater savings.

Select from Shiitake Mushroom or Oyster Mushroom varieties:

Other tips:

  • Treat your pet log as a low-maintenance shade-loving plant. Typically fruits twice a year for 4-7 years
  • Natural rainfall is sufficient and best, although additional watering recommended during week-long summer droughts
  • Winter hardy, ideally under a blanket of snow, as long as it is protected from winter sun and drying winds
  • Sunlight exposure after picking greatly increases its Vitamin D content!
  • More information and seasonal tips on our blog page titled "Mushroom Log" Log Blog


Three Ways to Order Your Mushroom Logs

  1. Email us directly to arrange pick-up in various South Georgian Bay locations and pay by cash, cheque, or eTransfer.
  2. You can arrange for personal delivery at a flexible time and convenient location along the Southern Georgian Bay-Toronto corridor. Please use the Paypal form below which adds delivery starting from $6. Or pick-up in South Georgian Bay for free.
  3. Otherwise, please inquire about special delivery or arrangements. We have friends who may occasionally foray through your area... just ask! We generally only sell mushroom logs to customers in Southern Ontario. Otherwise, there may be complications for shipping by Canada Post due to packaging and shipping weight, and transport restrictions on wood products.

Please note: pet mushroom logs also take at least 9 months from impregnation to conception, so reserve your inoculated log in advance and experience the relief your future gift will be gestating and delivered on time for that special friend and occasion.

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More Ideas

  • Order colonized spawn (mushroom culture) to start your own project. Contact us to find out what methods work best for you:
    • inoculation tool method
    • stacked spawn sandwich
    • myceliated mulch in garden
    • indoor culture
    • or simply fruit indoors from the bag for the "fast food" option
  • Go to Made in the Shade if you have your own woodlot and would like guidance on how to set up your own mushroom yard.
  • Participate in late-April to mid-May mushroom log inoculation workbees.

Ideas for Mushroom Recipes