Mushroom Recipes

General notes:

  • Cook all mushrooms. Nutrients locked in the cell walls are very hard to digest when raw. Cooking also neutralizes naturally occurring toxins.
  • Similar to humans, fresh mushrooms (particularly shiitake) will produce Vitamin D when exposed to sunlight. For best results, leave gill side up in a sunny location for a day.

When you use gourmet mushrooms, you minimize the need for vegetable stock and other flavourings. They are also a great meat or tofu substitute for those who wish to eat more naturally. Substitute for 'white button mushrooms' and in smaller quantity due to the fuller taste of these log-grown mushrooms.



Basic Sautéed Mushrooms: medium heat in butter with garlic, salt and parsley to taste. Cook until water liberated or use the liberated water as soup stock. I prefer them browned and almost crispy to amplify the flavours.


  • mushroom omelette try perennial herbs like winter savory, garlic chives, Good King Henry

Side Dishes



  • substitute oyster for eggplant, seafood
  • substitute chewy shiitake for beef, seitan (wheat gluten)
  • mushrooms especially shiitake stems to flavour your broth or soup base or miso
  • barbequed
  • pasta
  • lasagna
  • panini sandwiches

Wine Pairings

  • shiitake with red or white
  • oyster with white


  • look up meringue mushrooms