Good for you: nutrient dense, unsprayed perennial plants harvested at their peak freshness

Good for the Earth: no-till and regenerative techniques to give back to nature

Good for local connection: connecting directly with nature and small diverse family farms

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Covid Precaution: Available by pick-your-own or at farm gate welcome by appointment for everyone's health and safety.


Where Else You May Find our Products (inquire about dates)

Eat Local Grey Bruce

Montgomery's Inn Farmers' Market (Etobicoke)

Sorauren Park Farmers' Market (Toronto)

Meaford Farmers' Market


  • frozen apple cider and berry blended cider $7
  • frozen berries: mulberry, Saskatoon berry, raspberry, sea buckthorn, black currant, red currant, gooseberry $3/snack bag or $9/lb
  • garlic ~$2-3/bulb
  • sun-dried shiitake mushroom $6.50/oz
  • heartnut (in-shell) $13/lb

Spring (April-May-June)

  • herbs and vegetables: wild leek, sorrel, tarragon, thyme, winter savory, sage, mitsuba, hyssop, sweet cicely, lemon balm, chive and green onion and garlic chive
  • perennial equivalents of your favourite vegetables: celery (blanched lovage), green onion (walking onion), kale (sea kale), spinach (Good King Henry), broccolini (Turkish rocket)
  • rhubarb $5/bunch
  • asparagus $5/bunch
  • shiitake mushroom $20/lb

Summer (June-July-August)

  • herbs: anise hyssop, mints, garlic
  • fresh berries: currants and gooseberries, raspberry, mulberry, Saskatoon berry

Autumn (September-October)

  • fruit: pear, plum, apple, pawpaw
  • nuts: heartnut, chestnut, Persian walnut, others
  • raspberry, blackberry
  • shiitake mushroom $20/lb
  • herbs and vegetables: sorrel, chive and green onion and garlic chive

Winter (November-April)

  • bareroot plant stock
  • fresh shiitake mushroom on occasion
  • apples
  • dried fruit
  • ginkgo
  • perennial root vegetables: horseradish $7/lb, Jerusalem artichoke, skirret, cinnamon yam, Chinese artichoke, groundnut