Welcome to the Garden of Eating! Please familiarize yourself to ensure a safe and enjoyable stay.

Getting Here:

For address and directions go to Contact Us

To Do Upon Arrival:

1) Knock on our door or contact us to announce your arrival at 705 888 3376.

2) Familiarize yourself with where your campsite and nearby attractions are by looking at the interactive map below.

Guest Guide:

Common Sense: practise no trace camping and respect Mother Nature and each other

Pee anywhere in tall grass or forest.

Dry toilet is behind the house and around the corner from the trailers as marked on the map.

If possible, please carry-out your garbage. . Otherwise, garbage is accepted for $5/bag as the municipality charges per bag.

We accept recycling and compost.

We strongly discourage bringing glassware for fear of breakage

Campfire guide: we have $10 amounts of firewood for sale at the house. Newsprint, cardboard, and wood only please. Extra kindling for starting fire inside the metal drawer beside the house.

Our Wifi password is 12345678

Bonus: if you’ve read this far, let us know if you need water, electrical outlet, ice packs, or an outdoor shower:


Do observe but please do not disturb our mushroom logs, cardboarded trees, and orchard. Low-impact sampling and wildcrafting encouraged. Contact us if you would like a complimentary farm tour. Also see our Virtual Tour. Farm produce also available for sale.

GPS Tour

# Feature UTM Easting UTM Northing Lat. Long.
1 Beehives 526858 4940866 44.62064° -80.66146°
2 3 grafted pears 526675 4940742 44.61953° -80.66377°
3 lookout 526545 4940854 44.62055° -80.66540°
4 pond 526523 4940727 44.61941° -80.66568°
5 footbridge 526487 4940609 44.61834° -80.66615°
6 beginning of mushroom log area 526394 4940550 44.61782° -80.66732°
7 shortcut to Shrubby Scrubs 526292 4940501 44.61819° -80.66860°
8 creek crossing 526041 4940361 44.61613° -80.67178°
9 at ridge overlooking cascading creek 526925 4940370 44.61621° -80.67324°

First Aid:

  • house
  • Meaford hospital (229 Nelson Street West Meaford 519 538 1311)
  • 911 (property address is 138336 Grey Road 112, Meaford)