Heartnut Crafts and Gifts

heartnut harvest

Heartnuts for Sale

Try tasting some of the freshest, nutrient-dense nuts, grown right in Meaford, Ontario. Heartnuts have high Omega-3 fatty acids so it’s healthy for your heart, and its creamy taste is certain to also win your heart.

That final topping to your baking or with chocolate will wow your guests. Or enjoy them freshly shelled.

Now available for $12/lb (15-20ยข per nut) or contact us.

Heartnut Shells

We saved all the special heartnut shells that cracked perfectly and can be sold together as pairs or individually

Sew it into your sweater like a button, or make your own craft!

$1 pair or $1 each with a pre-drilled hole

Heartnut Jewelleryheartnut earringblack walnut necklace

Heartnut necklaces ($30), earrings ($40), and other adornments made by Germinate now available!

heartnut photo credits courtesy of Germinate Organics


heartnut fortunenut charms

A FortuneNut is a timeless and thoughtful charm clasped to a heartnut half or whole.

For $2 each or collect all 30 for $25, delight any ‘fortunate’ friend at any time of the year.

(add silkscreen swag for visitors)