Honey – Letzbeefriends

Letzbeefriends Honey was born in the spring of 2021 when Yan and Jackie, two friends curious about beekeeping, began a journey to raise bees. At EDEN in SEASON where blossoms bloom and food forests grow, it’s only natural to introduce beehives among the hay fields. During the growing season, our bees forage and pollinate a host of wildflowers, trees and shrubs. Their hard work creates this beautiful raw, unpasteurized Meaford honey. It’s processed with minimal filtering, so it contains naturally occurring bee pollen, royal jelly, beeswax, and propolis. This unique honey is pure from our bees home as if you’re eating the honey directly from the hive. We share our honey not only with our local community, but also with the bees themselves, to help them survive the cold winter. Our wish is only to help keep our honey bees happy and healthy. We would love to share this delicious raw honey with you, as this natural honey will nourish your body with care. Helping our bees to flourish as our partners in creation. Spreading bee love, Yan and Jackie yellow heart   Contact us [email protected] to taste our honey
“Thank you for the jar of delicious Letz Bee Friends honey from Eden Farm. We’ve already enjoyed it on toast, and mixed with green tea. The label is as interesting as the honey – an entertaining statement of principle as much as a statement of contents. And congratulations on being the bees’ partners in sharing earth’s bounty.” ~John Butler, Grey Highlands