Land Inspection

If you already have land, please go to ourĀ Property Consult page to decide specific areas to assess.

Looking to purchase the land of your dreams? Not sure where to start?

Perhaps you have a conditional offer on a prospective real estate and want to be confident about its suitability before closing the deal? As many people get a third party home inspection, a land inspection considers the outdoor areas which directly influence your property’s productivity, satisfaction, and enjoyment.

This helps us determine what changes need to be made to the property to best suit your needs. Purchasing the right property for you is often a stressful activity and emotionally driven, so it helps to have an experienced third-party assessment so you are not biting into more than you can chew, and can spot the early warning signs before making any costly mistakes.

Land inspections typically range from $50-250, Sometimes, just a simple telephone chat to discuss your property goals and an online review and report will do.

Other clients have more specific needs or may request a property visit and to assess some aspects of your property in more detail that is typically covered in a Property Consult, to obtain more information on things such as:

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  • Microclimate
  • Water: drainage, erosion
  • Soil health, soil composition
  • Plant species

Some questions to ask yourself are:

  • How accessible is the property?
  • How does the surrounding community feel to you?
  • What crops do you want to grow?
  • Applicable municipal regulations
  • Does it ‘feel’ right?

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Ivan Chan provided a detailed site assessment, and several different maps and aerial photos of a piece of land that I was considering. Since I visited the snow-covered property in January in an area unfamiliar to me, the information provided was very useful for deciding about the suitability of the land for my plans. The site assessment also included a comprehensive list of questions and issues to consider when looking to buy a rural property. In addition, I received the assessment and maps within a few hours of my original request. I would definitely have another property consultation done before deciding whether or not to buy another parcel of land.

–Lucy Segatti