Ivan Chan

When I first came across the term permaculture, it perfectly connected my lifelong ideals for abundance, deep ecology, and community resilience.

Back then, I was occupied in a water resources engineering career path. I am blessed to be experienced in GIS mapping, drainage plans, erosion control, stormwater ponds, ditch designs, navigating regulations, and public presentations. Another outcome of this is I am a licensed professional engineer (P.Eng.). All this happened while permaculture ideals tugged at my heart.

In 2011, after 'graduating' from my engineering career, I completed my Permaculture Design Certificate at the Finger Lakes Permaculture Institute.

In 2012, EDEN in SEASON was born. EDEN in SEASON represents the marriage of my 7 years as a water resources engineer with my passion for permaculture (ecological and community design), also known as ecological engineering. That year, I started my first edible forest plantings, established a school demonstration garden, and experienced working on a diversity of edible landscapes and landowners.

In 2014, the Garden of Eating is established as EDEN in SEASON's demonstration farm. The timeline continues on that page.


Our Inspiration

Nature, like ourselves, is an abundant, self-perpetuating organism. Once healed and enabled to blossom, it not only provides us with a long-term food and income stream, it also builds the foundation for a living legacy that regenerates both our spirits and the earth.

Though we have chosen a life away from monetary richness, we choose to be enriched with a land base which is now providing beauty, abundance, healthier soil and ecosystem benefits. Maybe that sounds like your paradise... pure, healthy, forever fruitful, self-renewing, and thrives naturally in your landscape.

By integrating permaculture into your home, you can be assured we are committed to creating an enduring edible landscape that is ecologically sound, sensitive to your family's goals, and brings you year after year of enjoyment and health. We will walk through the 'hard stuff' with you and blaze your way forward.

 Why grow a forest garden of nuts, fruits, herbs, and mushrooms:

  1. Enjoy nutrient-dense food that is beyond organic
  2. Create a beautiful, bountiful landscape that feeds our bodies and spirits
  3. Succession planting breaks the continual labour of plowing, planting, nutrient inputs, and irrigation of domesticated annual vegetables
  4. Sun or shade, dry bluff or seasonal swamp, grow what naturally thrives
  5. Provides multiple harvests, is self-maintaining, and buffers against weather extremes
  6. The satisfaction knowing each year is easier and more abundant
  7. Increase land value
  8. Regenerate soil and ecosystem's services
  9. Food and income security in an uncertain climate
  10. Invest in an inspirational legacy for future generations


EDEN is the harmony of drawing upon the wisdom of wild nature with the efficient design of human-scale agriculture.

  wild EDEN manicured
ecosystem late-succession mature forests orchard, berry patch, herb garden, and mushroom patch all in one
lawn, annual row crops, ornamentals in early succession perpetuity
typical crops some wild foods abundant and diverse perennial harvests of gourmet nuts, fruits, herbs, mushrooms abundant annual vegetables if at all
needs minimal naturally adapted to your landscape, requires timely attention
high disturbance environment to maintain: full sun, consistent moisture, heavy feeding, and constant attention, highly susceptible to weeds, infestations, soil erosion, and nutrient leaching
productivity low and slow to produce but nutrient-dense, high ecological productivity slow but increasingly higher and more nutrient-dense high and fast
design complex by nature complex by design simple

The verdict? Your own Eden is designed to provide the best of nature for your family.

As the Chinese proverb goes, "the best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The next best time is now."


Our Network

Other principles we live by:

  • be present
  • live local
  • act multigenerational
  • practice conscious lifestyle choices
  • collaborate in community and social outreach

Behind myself and the farm itself, relationships are fostered with:

  • complementary properties enable us to establish more mushroom laying yards, harvest from mature nut trees, and propagate plants
  • friends, friendly neighbours, friendly visitors (WWOOF, HelpX), and friendly curiosity seekers strengthen collaboration and provide seasonal help
  • member of Ecological Farmers Association of Ontario
  • Permaculture in Ontario map of regional permaculture projects
  • Fiddlehead Nursery perennial friend and grower Ben Caesar