• Homestead

Construction of our permanent residence began in 2019. It features passive solar principles and utilizes a central wood stove for supplemental heating and hot water pre-heating. It also features a walk-out basement, attached sunroom, and attached cold cellar.

  • Location - mid-slope placement avoids frosty valleys and windy ridges. Windbreak species planted 5 and 2 years prior to construction will provide eventual wind and snow protection around the house and driveway.
  • Site orientation and simplicity - two compromises were made here. First, it is a big house; however, it utilizes an efficient rectangular shape to simplify the build. This house is also built using ICF (concrete core styrofoam block) which although is very high in embodied energy, is a very durable and insulative material.
  • Passive solar design - the house invites solar access and the windows are oriented to soak up sunlight during the heating season but be shaded during the summer. The attached sunroom and garage provide additional thermal buffering, as does the earth sheltering along the north and west.
  • Attached south sunroom - in addition to growing food, it provides winter sun and potential heat and humidity benefits to the house
  • Attached north cold cellar - located at the north and the temperature moderated by the ground
  • Community enjoyment - gathering spaces are located outdoors and indoors


Construction continues and a wide range of building tasks are available for those wanting to help depending on safety and skill level.