Edible Perennial Plants

We successfully grow and recommend these multi-functional (permaculture) plants. Harvest its food value, and also realize its multi-functional medicinal, agroforestry, ecosystem benefits, are just plain pretty to grow out, and have that dash of uniqueness not found in most nurseries.

Most of our plants are bare-root and dug on-demand (April-May or October-November). Transplanting during active growth is possible but bears additional risk due to transplant shock.

Why bare root? Bare-root plants are grown in native soil containing microbes naturally in symbiosis with the particular plant, with a larger natural root system not coiled up in a container-bound root, and suffers from minimal transplant shock provided it is kept moist, handled carefully, and transplanted soon. They are also transport easier and are easier to grow so the savings get passed on to you. This ensures you get the healthiest transplants for a good price ($3-$25). A rough guideline for price is $12 for 1' tall trees or a 1-gallon pot plant.

Species are listed in order of size from tall trees to shrubs to perennial vegetables to creeping herbs. Some herbs are clustered by family.

We also advise on what plants best grow for your landscape based on factors such as climate, moisture, soil type, topography, and lifestyle.

Featured plant HEARTNUT – This hardy and beautiful tree is outgrowing the nursery space. Its beautiful heart-shaped nut makes a great tree for remembering your loved ones, past and present.

All species are growing in our South Georgian Bay microclimate (Canada Zone 6a/5b and USDA Zone 5) in neutral pH and drought-tolerant in medium moisture conditions. Cultivars if not named, are unknown but productive varieties. Some selections are locally collected and adapted seed.

This page is updated regularly so the list reflects what is available. Quantities and sizes may vary; please inquire with us. Ask us about delivery opportunities within the Georgian Bay-Toronto corridor, or by Canada Post or courier for anyone else between British Columbia and Newfoundland.