Workshops and Workstays

Do you want to tour the Garden of Eating and get hands-on experience in permaculture? Find out how to apply these principles on your very land. Daytime workshops or in-depth work exchange/apprenticeship opportunities on a variety of topics can be catered to suit you. Contact us to find out more and confirm as dates are often flexible and subject to change.

Directions to the farm at the Contact Us page.

Bonus: all pre-registered participants are welcome to a guided farm tour.


Daytime 2024 Upcoming Workshops and Workbees

Some workshops are flexible in time and topic, so let us know your interests in advance so we can make it work. These are often seasonal or often cater to the requests of overnight guests and the nearby community. Others can be booked with short notice as they are recurring re-skilling workshops ~$20/h or sometimes are more informal workbees.

Tuesday March 26, 2024 7-9pm Climate Resilient Property Planning hosted by Grey Agricultural Services $20

April 27 2024 2pm Food Forests hosted by Meaford Public Library FREE

Mid-April through mid-May RSVP Mushroom log inoculation workbees: Learn about and help inoculate logs with shiitake or oyster spawn. Take your own log home and learn all about raising one for yourself. Contact Ivan [email protected] to RSVP a compatible timeslot between mid-April and early May. $25 for 2h workshop.

May 4 and May 5th 2pm RSVP Hanami (flower viewing) of the Fruit Tree Blossoms: The Japanese revered the cherry blossom (sakura) season. Here, the cherries are actually overshadowed by all the other plums, pears, Saskatoons, apples, and currants also in peak bloom. Enjoy some downtime relaxing and smelling the flowers while observing the bees hard at work. $15.

May 4 and May 5th 3pm RSVP Farm Tour: After the blossom tour hour, stay for a tour of the farm design and to learn about all the diversity of plants growing in this climate. $15 for the 1h tour afterwards.

June – September Let us know in advance what interests you so we can include you: from design to gardening to fermentation


Short-Term Work Exchanges (WWOOF, HelpX)

Work exchanges happen constantly at the farm informally with locals and friends. These are typically free-of-charge re-skilling type events which can be such things as garden help, food fermenting/processing, woodlot management, construction, meditation, etc.

We welcome interested overnight visitors who want to immerse themselves in our community and country life. Guests participate in workbees, learn about homesteading one-on-one, join us in social events, and experience community living. We are listed on a number of work exchange directories that enable visitors a personal experience into various aspects of permaculture. Short-term guests generally contribute 4-5 hours/day in exchange for room and board. For better or worse, all guests will be subjected to a live performance of the spoken word poem In Compost We Trust.

Priorities for 2024 (besides home construction) include:

  • spring: pruning, inoculating mushroom logs, grafting
  • summer: berry harvesting
  • autumn: fruit harvesting

We are outfitted with trailers or pitch-your-own-accommodations and outdoor facilities: solar shower, secluded pond, compost toilet, dishwashing area. Indoors, there is well water, utilities, and wifi. We often go to neighbouring ecological farms and community projects to provide a greater diversity of gardening experiences. As a member of our community, we often collectively prep meals and go on outings together.

Some of our area’s amenities include:

  • hiking the Bruce Trail
  • gorgeous views atop the Irish Mountain Lookout
  • caving
  • kayaking
  • swimming
  • 5 minute drive to Meaford
  • 20 minute drive to Owen Sound


Longer-Term Permaculture Internship and Micro-Enterprises (FarmLINK, Goodwork)

As we transition toward a diversified farm, our interdependence with the surrounding community grows. We seek new ways of affirming trust, sharing our bounty, and developing a common interest in a philosophy and land base we are committed to. You may have skills, resources, a complementary business, or simply the time and the motivation to intensify your learning. We act as your vessel which you draw from and provide one-on-one guidance and help deepen your permaculture integration. This is considerably more freedom and flexibility to carve out your path and is your invitation to participate. Stipend can be negotiated based on your focus and level of involvement.

Below is a list, partly of some areas of our existing focus you can intensify your learning on, and partly of ideas to initiate your new project:

  • trailer bedroomFood: fermenting (kraut, sourdough, dosa, kombucha, kefir, tempeh, koji, vinegar), medicinal teas and tinctures, wild edibles, cooking, preserving and freezing
  • Woodlot: mushrooms, tree trimming, wood hauling, coppice, livestock, silvopasture
  • Construction: house, sunroom, natural building, interior finishes and artistry, although exterior structures such as a hoop house, and livestock infrastructure could also be considered
  • Annuals: sunroom starts, transplants, sheet mulching, fertility (bokashi, compost tea, biochar)
  • Forest gardening: observation, herbs, tree maintenance, disease


Presentation Topics

The following is a list of past, present, and possible presentation topics:

  • introduction to permaculture
  • reading the landscape
  • planning your climate resilient farm
  • mapping your property with Google Earth
  • nut’s grow these locally
  • zones of use
  • soil health
  • mycology
  • ecological design
  • edible landscaping, forest gardening, agroforestry
  • First Nations history and permaculture practices
  • solar design for homestead and farm
  • social permaculture: reframing abundance and community
  • zone 00: inner permaculture


  • pruning
  • grafting
  • property tours customized to your interest: homestead design, plant tasting tour, mushroom logs
  • mushroom log inoculation workshop
  • wild edibles

Past speaking locations:

  • Forest Garden Convergence
  • Guelph Organic Conference
  • Elephant Thoughts
  • University of Toronto Dig In Campus Agriculture
  • Headwaters Gathering
  • Meaford Public Library, Meaford Community Centre, Woodford Community Centre
  • Wasaga Beach Community Garden
  • Rogers TV
  • L.E. Shore Memorial Library (Thornbury)
  • Brentwood, Stayner, and Markdale and District Horticultural Societies
  • Georgian College, Barrie
  • Collingwood Collegiate Institute
  • Thornbury Home and Garden Show
  • Creemore Home and Garden Show
  • High Park, Toronto

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